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100% Original The Key Pro M8 Diagnósticos Más Poderosa Herramienta de Programación de Llaves con 800 Fichas

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44.5cm*38cm*14cm     ( Inch: 17.52*14.96*5.51 )
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The Key Pro M8 con 800 Fichas
1. Standard version: V11.13 Beta version: V11.17. Provide customers all available software for FREE.
2. Offers the same coverage/ functionality as the world leading AD100Pro.
3. Supports more vehicles than other car key programmer.
The Key Pro M8 Diagnósticos Más Poderosa Herramienta de Programación de Llaves
the key pro m8
7 Destacados de The Key Pro M8:

1. Update online free for one year.
(You can freely download the latest software to work on more new car models)
2. Universal key programmer. Supported wordwide car models. Support car models until 2013. 
3. Most powerful key programmer up to now.
4. The Key Pro M8 can read various kinds of Pin codes.
5. All software avaliable is totally free provided. (Stander Software: V11.13  Beta software: V11.17)
6. Programs keys and remotes for all makes of vehicles worldwide
7. It is a worthwhile asset and generates an excellent return on investment, by providing an additional income stream for your business. 

The Key Pro M8 Token Promotion
Buy 50 Tokens, Get Total 150 Tokens
Buy 100 Tokens, Get Total 300Tokens
Buy 250 Tokens, Get Total 750Tokens

Advanced Technology
Designed with simplicity in mind, the The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer guides you through various processes for key programming & remote key fob programming, from the more basic keys to proximity and smart keys across all makes of vehicles worldwide, on one programmer. Most vehicle immobiliser systems require security access (Pin Code) to allow keys & remotes to be programmed.The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer reads many Pin Codes, providing a high quality, cost effective and valuable service for drivers has never been easier.

All Makes Coverage
Bently, Opel, Renault, Daweoo, Isuzu, Benz, VW, Audi, Rover, Saab, Hyundai, Suzuki, Mazda, Citroen, Toyota, Subaru, Iveco, Ford, Lexus, Perodua, Chrysler, Proton, Porsche, Lincoln, Abarth, Honda, Nissan, Ssangyong, Skoda, Lancia, Daihatsu, Holden, Dacia, GM, Vauxhall, Fiat, Jaguar, Acura, Infiniti, Landrover, Mitsubishi, Dodge, Kia, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Smart, MG and so on.
Innovative Roadside Key Programming:
If you are new to the industry or simply looking for a cost effective way to offer a key programming service to your customers, then the The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer provides the solution. The portable The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer is the ideal programming tool that programs keys and remotes for all makes of vehicles worldwide - on a ‘Pay As You Go’ basis.
The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer offers the same coverage /functionality as the world leading AD100Pro, but at a fraction of the cost. Using digital tokens, which are deducted when keys are programmed, makes The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer unique.
When all the tokens are used, you simply buy more tokens and download them via the internet. This allows an affordable key programming service to be provided by professional auto-locksmiths and auto-technicians for drivers on the roadside, at home or the office.
The use of transponders in vehicle keys means that whenever additional / replacement keys or remotes are required, they must be programmed into the vehicle using specialist diagnostic equipment. Originally, if a customer needed additional keys or remotes, they would have no option but to go to the franchised dealer, which could be expensive and inconvenient.
The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer Technical Features:
- Electronic Tokens Downloaded From The Web(need pay for it)
- Standard & Beta (Test) Software Available
- 320 X 240 Dot Matrix LCD Touch Screen
- Connection to Vehicle Via OBD Socket
- 12v Power From Vehicle / Mains
- User ID Password Protection
- Internet Software Updates
- Multi System Protocols
- Future Proof Design
- Adjustable Contrast
- CAN Bus Interface
- USB PC Interface
- Splash Proof
- Backlit LCD
- All Makes Coverage
- Provide Roadside Programming For Drivers
- Read & Clear Fault Codes
- Clear Key Memory
- Program Keys
- Program Proximity / Smart Keys
- Program Remote / Plip Keys
- Program Aftermarket & OEM Keys
- Program Aftermarket & OEM Remote Key Fob's
- Read Immobiliser Pin Codes
- Read Pre-Code Data
- Display Live Data
- Component Actuation
- ECU Identification
- Simple User Interface
 Some of the functions are manufacturer / model dependent

FREE Software - All Makes & Models

The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer is supplied with all available software FREE. We will provide software free update online in one year.

The Key Pro M8  Kit Package List:
-The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer
- Software - All Manufacturers
- Protective Carrying Case
- Neoprene Tester Case
- Operating Manual
- Cables & Dongles
- Dongle Case


1. Software must be installed on XP system.
2. Must uninstall or close anti-virus software on your laptop.
3. Never Disassemble the multiplexer, or we will not provide warranty for that.
4. New version solve the problem that some Toyota car needs license when programming. It can be operated directly. We will realease more and newer software for the Key Pro.
5. Not all car models' key programming need tokens, the screen will promt how many tokens are needed if tokens are needed. It usually takes one token.
6. M8 cannot get some cars' pin code itself, you need buy VPC-100 Pin Code Calculator to get the code.
7. M8 cannot program some Lexus cars that keys are 4C chip.

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Servicio Técnico

The MVP Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer Vechile List

The MVP Key Pro M8 Diagnosis can support almost all car models from European, USA and Asia, you can downlaod the vehicle list from our website.

How to read security code by The MVP Key Pro?

We use AUDI A6 as example:

1. Enter the menu and find AUDI A6 this car model

the mvp key pro m8

2. Choose "immobiliser" on Vehicle selection, then choose "Auto Cluster"

the mvp key pro m8
 key pro m8

3. Select ECU Identification

the mvp key pro m8
the mvp key pro m8

4. Now you can read the pin code

the mvp key pro m8

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question about The MVP Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer

Q1: What language does this machine have?

A1: This machine now only have English language.

Q2: Does it support update? How much is the cost?

A2: It can be updated online, one year for free.

Q3: What car models does this machine support?

A3: Car models please download from our website. If you need ask about some specific car models, please inquriy our customer service.

Q4: How many token it will be need to copy one car key?

A4: One car would be need only one token. Not all car models need token, when it needs token the machine screen will remind you.

Q5: What i can do after my tokens run out? Where i can buy it?

A5: Machine has 100 tokens inside it. If it runs out, you can buy new token from our website and we will help you recharge your machine.

Q6: What i can do if i lost my user id? Can i get it back?

A6: Yes, please provide your serial number to our customer service, we will find out the User id for you.
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