How to use INPA/Ediabas to do BMW N54 Injector Coding

The INPA software can be downloaded for free and Install INPA/EDIABAS USB driver.

Get INPA/Ediabas software

The INPA software can be downloaded for free. Pleae click on this link:

Please note that with the software, you still need a hardware that is INPA K+Can diagnostic cable to connect the software and your car. The cable is available on OBD365 for $24.99 with free freight:

Install INPA/EDIABAS USB driver

Plug in the D-CAN cable into your USB port. Follow system prompts to install the driver software (if an installer is provided).
Connect the cable into a USB port on your PC. The PC should automatically search USB cable drivers. Follow the prompts to install the driver.
Once installed, go to Control Panel -> System -> click on the Hardware tab, and then click on Device Manager to make sure there is ‘USB Serial Port (COMX)'.
Right-click on the above and select ‘Properties’, then click on the ‘Port Settings’ Tab and then click on ‘Advanced’.

* Make it look like this (except for the Com Port number):
use INPAEdiabas to do BMW N54 Injector Coding 1

* Press OK and close all other windows with the OK button.
use INPAEdiabas to do BMW N54 Injector Coding

Setup INPA/EDIABAS software

* Extract the contents of the file to the C:\ drive!
* Create a shortcut from C:\INPA\BIN\INPALOAD.EXE to your Desktop
* Go to System Properties. Under the Advanced tab, click the Environment Variables button:
use INPAEdiabas to do BMW N54 Injector Coding

* Edit the Path Variable and make sure you append (add to the end) the following: C:\EDIABAS\BIN
use INPAEdiabas to do BMW N54 Injector Coding

Add a new system variable by pressing the New... button. For Variable type in: ediabas_config_dir . For Value type in:
C:\EDIABAS\BIN as shown below:
use INPAEdiabas to do BMW N54 Injector Coding

Click on 'OK' and close all the windows, restart your PC to confirm all the changes.

* Go to C:\EDIABAS\BIN folder. Open OBD.ini file in a text editor. The first 4 lines should look like this:

Make sure that the port number matches the one you set during the D-CAN USB driver installation! If the COM port numbers do not match, EDIABAS will not be able to talk to your car!

Once you verified that this is the correct port number the D-CAN USB driver is using, save the file in its current location.

* Copy C:\EDIABAS\BIN\OBD.ini file to C:\Windows folder!

* Restart your computer! This is very important!

Coding the Injectors:

* Open your browser and watch the following YouTube video: