Autoboss PC-MAX Wireless VCI Professional Update By CD

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Descripción del producto

Autoboss PC-MAX is a Vehicle Communication Interface with Windows PC-Based Diagnostic Software Wireless or USB Connection andCD Update for free.Cover Asia,European and USA cars.It can recode a real-time data stream up to 160 frams during a drive cycle.
Autoboss PC-MAX Wireless VCI Professional Diagnostic Tool
autoboss pc max wireless
Top 5 Reasons to Get Autoboss PC-MAX:

1. Covers more than 50 makes, 1000 vehicle systems

2. Reliable USB connection ensures its stability in complex electromagnetism

3. Uses most advanced 2.4GHz wireless communication technique

4. SAE J2534 “pass-thru” ECU reprogramming

5. Quick test function to diagnose entire vehicle

Bluetooth: Free to test cars within 50-100m

Autoboss PC-MAZ Main Function:

1. Access to powertrain, chassis, body systems

2. Quick test function to diagnose entire vehicles

3. Fault code, data stream and service reset

4. Actuations, adaptations, control model coding

5. All CANBUS function supported

6. HYUNDAI immobilizer

7. Testing report saving function

8. Volkswagen immobilizer III

9. Nissan idle self learning function

10. Multi-language for international market

Fault Codes

Now you can bring down the service costs associated with fault codes. Easily read & clear vehicle specific information - manufacturer specific codes, factory codes, and generic fault codes on a particular electrical circuit. Our Recommendation: Don't forget to print it out in real time.
Quick Test & Quick Delete (select software)

Provides a bird's-eye view of all control modules in the vehicle system. The Quick Test feature allows you to quickly scan all systems in the vehicle, identify controllers with faults and provides immediate access to those systems without having to navigate through multiple menus. Our Recommendation: Don't forget to print it out in real time.

Live Data

The basics of electronic diagnostics begin with fault codes & live data. Experience high-speed response rate of 8-10 frames per second w/ real-time troubleshooting of up to 4 graphs. Diagnose signals for rich or lean conditions with live data retrieval and viewing of modules in digital and analog format. Our Recommendation: Don't forget to print it out in real time.

Component & System level actuations

Perform verification tests to validate the functionality of a particular electrical circuit. This function will bypass time-consuming labor to check the workmanship of electronic components such as switches, sensors, relays, & actuators. Use the PC-MAX to actuate control modules and see what needs replacement without removing panels and testing without the usage of a multimeter. (e.g. cylinder power balance test, EVAP system leak, EGR valve, solenoids, power windows, winshield wiper activation, etc.)


Service Resets & Initialization

When components are replaced within a module (e.g. injectors, switches, mass air flow sensor, cooling temp sensor, etc.), a vehicle will run very rough. Initialization immediately re-adapts all the values, so the components will be recognized by the vehicle system. (e.g. To reset the service indicator for the vehicle such as "oil service", "service reminder light", "steering angle sensor*", etc.)

Vehicle Adjustments

Ability to adjust performance parameters. (e.g. idle RPM, idle speed adjustment, ignition timing, vehicle w/ immobilizer, set fuel synchronization, throttle-body relearn, DME Alignment, etc.)

Coding & Programming.

Read & change coding has now become highly important for any new retrofit control unit in the vehicle. Contact an Diagtronics Dealer for more information.


Self-learn Function

Create a personalized database system to record ideal conditions of the actual values in the vehicle system.

Record 160 Frames of Live Data

Record a real-time data stream up to 160 frames during a drive cycle. More complicated diagnosis of an intermittent problem will require the use of this function to evaluate data stream during a controlled drive cycle.

What is included in the package?

Other items including:

1pc x Main cable
1pc x Cigarette lighter cable
1pc x AC Adaptor
1pc x USB cable
1pc x User manual
1pc x Spare Fuse
1pc x Metal Case

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